Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are intended to further the library’s mission of facilitating the free exchange of diverse ideas and information.  The rooms, therefore, are generally reserved for library activities, including programs presented by library staff, by the Friends of Rogers Free Library, and/or other groups affiliated with the library.

Whenever the meeting rooms are not being used for library activities, however, they may be available to the public for educational, cultural, non-profit, civic, or governmental programs or meetings.

Please read our meeting room policy before booking the room.

For technology assistance, please contact Monica at 401-253-6948 or

Herreshoff Community Room
Maximum Capacity: 66
Equipment Available: Projector (HDMI connection), DVD/VHS player, Windows 10 laptop, microphones, VGA to HDMI converter.

Upstairs Conference Room
Maximum Occupancy: 25
Equipment Available: LG Smart TV with HDMI cable and Windows 10 laptop

Quiet Study South
Maximum Occupancy: 6
Equipment Available:  None

Quiet Study East
Maximum Occupancy: 8
Equipment Available: None

Main Floor Quiet Study
Maximum Occupancy:  6
Equipment Available:  LG Smart TV with HDMI cable

Questions? Ask Monica Gonzalez at or
401-253-6948 Ext. 323

Teen Space
For teens only.
Equipment Available:  LG Smart TV with HDMI cable