Game Night

Join us every month on Thursday at 6 pm for game night!

Email for the link to the Discord server, the game (night of only), or for more information!
Or click here and you will join the Discord server automatically!

Not sure what Discord is? Click here to learn more in Discord’s beginner’s guide. And if you’ve ever used Slack, then you would be pretty familiar with the way that Discord works.

Below is a great resource listing options for online board games, check it out, and be sure to share games you’d like to play in the future. All links are clickable, so you can also try playing them in your free time!

Options For Online Board Games

Fun Game Options: (aka Pictionary)

Up to 8 Players

Scribbl.Io Game Club-A Fun and Hilarious Drawing Game to Play With New  Friends | Small Online Class for Ages 9-14 | Outschool


Wordner (aka Apples to Apples)

3+ Players

WORDNER! - The Creative Wordplay Game


Colonist (aka Catan)

Up to 4 Players


Warzone (aka Risk)

2-40 Players




2-6 Players

Scrabble – Kokomo Studio

Duo With Friends (aka Uno)

Uno (card game) - Wikipedia

Broken Picturephone (aka Telestrations)


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