Friends of the Library

Friends of the Rogers Free Library

The Friends of Rogers Free Library is a 501 c(3) not-for-profit corporation formed for the sole purpose of supporting and benefiting the activities and functions of the Rogers Free Library. Supported by generous gifts from donors, the Friends of Rogers Free Library supplements the library budget by annually underwriting the cost of the Summer Reading program.

The property, affairs, and activities of the Corporation are the responsibility of a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) Members. Terms for the Directors are staggered, with each Director serving for a period of seven years.

In 2007, by vote of the Board of Directors, an Endowment Committee was established to provide advice and oversight for funds that had been gifted to the library. In turn, and on advice of the Endowment Committee, the Directors of the Friends established a fund at the Rhode Island Foundation. These funds have grown as bequests to the library have been made.

During the library Capital Campaign, donations to the Friends through Naming Opportunities allowed for the purchase of many of the fixtures and furnishings in the new library. Among other investments, the Friends have recently supported the addition of electric blinds over the skylights in the “old” library; have provided the license needed to allow for the film nights; have augmented the security system for the library; have provided e-readers; and have funded the development of the new website.

The annual meeting of the Friends, held in June, is open to all.

Contact us:

Peter Maloney (President, Directorship expires in 2023)
David M. Gwizdowski  (Directorship expires 2026)
Amy C. Vitale (Directorship expires in 2026)
Catherine Murray (Directorship expires in 2027)
Nichole Lewis (Directorship expires in 2028)
Ruth Souto, Liaison from the Trustees

Current as of June 2021